I shoot photos and video at Intel Global Production Labs, the production arm of The Agency Inside.

I’m a well-rounded video and photo production professional. I've worked as a team-of-one as well as an individual on larger productions.

Shooting locations have included rural Galicia, the floor of Mobile World Congress, in morgues, and once in Rattlesnake Heaven. That’s what a Texas rancher called his 100-year-old oil pump house. Rattlesnake Heaven is exactly what I’d call Joe Mayo Hell.

Behind the camera is typically where I'm happiest, shooting anything that looks or feels like a documentary. I’ll do what it takes to tell a great story, though. Much of my experience has involved producing, directing, shooting, editing, coloring, and composing graphics to deliver engaging work.

I live in San Francisco with ShafShelby, and Maser.

Joe Mayo, trying to look impressive

Joe Mayo, trying to look impressive